Photo by Lisa-Marie Mazzucco

photo by Lisa-Marie Mazzucco

“Rare musicality and lovely lyrical grandeur” 
“Charming and irresistible compositional style”
– Los Angeles Times 

“New York organist Chelsea Chen [had] urgency, precision and coloration in her virtuoso performance”
The Hunstville Times

“Chen’s Emmanuel Suite delighted the audience with its rhythmic verve, folkloric accents, and flourishing lyricism.”
Saarbrücker Zeitung (Germany)

“An artist of great technical and dramatic skill…she is personable, humble and simply appears to be one with the instrument.”
Palm Beach Daily News

“The range of tonal colors and variety of nuance in texture and style she brought to each work revealed a depth of musicality.”
Kansas City Star

“Chen drove [the Spreckels organ] like a sports car. She had the beast, and the audience, eating out of her hand. The organ sounded scary good. You could swear the instrument was alive.”
San Diego Union Tribune

“Her brilliant technique, natural musicality, and elegant body language allowed the audience to experience the joy of her music. The pipe organ — surprise! — can really party.”
Xiu-Wen Chen, Director, Taiwan Theological Seminary Music Department

“Every piston she pushes, every manual change, every tiny nudge of the shades is a fluid part of her music … Every note perfectly attacked and released. Not fussy, just perfect.”
Journal of American Organbuilding